ASTROLOGY (arieslibrascorpio)

If you're reading my blog, theres a good chance it's because you want to get to know me.

Well it doesn't get better than this!

I'll explain...


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Omega Station

exploring a spot in kaneohe with Christian.

Picnics & D!¢k Pics

I just laughed for a good 2 minutes at how ridiculous that title is.

Okay let's begin.

So my first night writing in my journal (*little red book) went beyond my expectations.

I wrote 4 pages about my day and what had been on my mind the past week.

AND a huge chunk of what I wrote was about my infamous ex boyfriend.

Ugh.. That guy.

the Narcissistic, Compulsive Lying, Sex Addicted, Drug Dealing, Man-Boy.

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Little Red Book

Today I ran around Walmart with My Best Friend Christian.

After a good hour playing in the Arts and Crafts section and another good hour in the Toy section- Christian purchased: a sketch book, some photo paper, and two toy smoke guns.

I purchased a little red book.

I hope to consistently fill this (little red) book with daily chronicles of my mess of a life.


Ever since I was a child, I'd try and fail to keep a daily journal. I was never someone who was good at starting AND finishing something. 

The main reason I wanted to start journaling is based off of a fact that most people don't know about me.

I benefit from/ struggle with Selective Memory

Sometimes when I go through something Traumatic/ Tragic/ JustFuckingAwful,

My mind goes into auto pilot and suppresses the memory or even deletes it completely.

but not only bad memories are affected though... A lot of really amazing memories are thrown away too. Simply because they're associated with something awful.

As I get older, the severity of my selective memory has calmed down/ become more controllable.

But I realize that the loss of so many memories and experiences takes a huge toll on who I am as a person AND worse- my creative abilities.

And as a Song Writer, it's crucial for me to create and remember as many experiences as I can. Good and Bad.

I'm hoping that by keeping this journal going, I will not only train my brain,

but drastically change the way I experience life- 

and hopefully enhance my creative skills too.


I'll let you know how it goes. 

shout out to Aloha Bakehouse for being delicious AF

some bestfriends have matching bracelets....

(pictured: two things Christian shoots me with.)